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Live preview at Forbes NSW May 3rd 2015 

Band: Nigel MacLean - vocals/violin 
Drums - Phil Collings, Guitar - Tim Heath, 
Bass - Mal Beveridge, Poetry - Phil McNamara

New work in progress.

Live preview at Forbes NSW May 3rd 2015

Band: Nigel MacLean - vocals/violin Drums - Phil Collings, Guitar - Tim Heath, Bass - Mal Beveridge, Poetry - Phil McNamara

New work in progress.

Listen above to a sample of "BloodSport". 
- Sung by Nigel MacLean with accompanying vocals from Yirrmal Marika.

Despite being the most wanted man in the British Empire in 1865 Ben Hall had much support throughout Australia for his stand against a corrupt police. The threat of having your home burned to the ground if you became a police informer was very real. 
The silent, watching spirit sings up a warning to anyone tempted by police rewards. 


As part of the festivities at the 150th commemoration of Ben Hall’s violent death the great-great nephew of the bushranger, Nigel MacLean, will be premiering a special preview of original songs being written for a musical song cycle to be released in 2016. 

Adopted out in NZ in the 1960’s by his Australian birth mother, it was 20 years later that he would get to meet her and find out the incredible story of his bloodline. The first words uttered by her when they first came face to face was “do you know who your great-great uncle is?” Her grandfather was Ben Hall's immediate younger brother Robert Joseph Hall.

As an established composer and musician Nigel has lived in Australia over half his life and creating this show now has a personal motivation behind it.

“This project is about finding belonging. My childhood was spent in NZ with my adoptive family, and now that I have children of my own, born in Australia I feel a great need to connect more to the land of my birth mother. This land is a treasure trove of amazing stories and for a thousand eons stories have been sung up and acted out in this country. It feels like the Australian thing to be putting this story of one of my ancestors on the musical stage.”

Now a resident of Castlemaine, Victoria Nigel has been collaborating with local poet Phil McNamara to bring the songs to life. With titles such as “Bloodsport” where threats of burning the house down buy silence from those in the know or “Riders” which tells of the Canowindra hostage taking of three days to “Smoking Gun”, a soulful elegy of the lonely outlaw road where the only place of rest is probably the hangman’s noose.

This new gritty music show reveals the story of an innocent man’s drive for vengeance, where “resistance is a duty whilst injustice is the law” and questions much of the often written “facts” on his story. People, pivotal events and circumstance in the bushrangers’ short life are explored in this vital story of Australian history.
Nigel was joined live by band members Phil Collings on drums, Mal Beveridge on bass and Tim Heath on guitar.
This work is in development.





Nigel MacLean - Violin Loop Artist

Nigel MacLean is an "all terrain" violin loop artist and creates live loops to build a dynamic and big fat sound.  With influences from blues to rock and world Nigel MacLean layers beds of songs and sings over the top of them. 


It was during the runaway success of his theatrised life story "Jack Charles v The Crown" when Jack Charles discovered a musical chemistry, born out live in front of sold out crowds at Belvoir St theatre,  Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth Festivals. It was not long before musical director Nigel MacLean and percussionist Phil Collings, both musicians in Jack Charles v The Crown,  made a creative decision to record the music from the stage show and experiment with the narrative from Jack's life story to create a soundtrack with hauntingly honest delivery,  revealing the ramifications of a life once lived in dark corners. It is composed with dark, hard edges whilst remaining triumphant at the core. Listen to a sample from the CD of the Opening track.



Kate Ceberano & Nigel MacLean 
 "A beautifully soothing and gentle collection of Lullaby songs to drift you and baby off to sleep. New songs and arrangements of favourites with heartfelt vocals, warm guitar and ukeleles, harps, strings and sleepy things...
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Other projects: "BLUE DRAG" - Manouche jazz

With international talents like David Hirschfelder accompanying operatic stars Roger Lemke and Carmel Parente, Blue Drag transports the listener through a film-like world of Django-inspired big band arrangements and futuristic flavours. Their most recent release I'll See You There is an inspiring collection of all original songs containing lush ballads seductively sung by Kate Ceberano and Chantal Mitvalsky and artfully accompanied on piano by Joe Chindamo with a 26-piece string orchestra led by Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster Wilma Smith. Likened to Miles Davis and coined 'Lord of the Strings' Blue Drag is Melbourne's best kept secret, delivering world class jazz with a local marinade. Listen to music from Blue Drag here

A smooth collection of swing jazz from the 30's and 40's. 

"What an inspiring dance along the boulevard. The music is melodic and witty, ever swinging, a continuous dialogue, like Jules et Jim in motion" **** Ken Williams - The AGE Review  (I'll See You There)

"Elegant and eloquent, peppy and propulsive" 
AGE Review **** (Relaxin' At The Camarillo)

"A desert island classic" 
David Hirschfelder - film composer

GENRE: Jazz, cafe, swing, lush ballads